I was reviewing market statistics for many different Greater Boston real estate markets, and one that stood out to me was Winchester. Sales inventory for homes in Winchester is extremely low with only 35 single family homes currently available for sale. That's actually up 13% from 3 months ago when there were only 31 single family homes in Winchester available. So what's the reason? Is it the market, is it for lack of development, tight zoning restrictions, or are there just not that many houses in Winchester? Winchester is an extremely desirable community about 15 minutes North of Boston, excellent school systems, and beautiful homes, so that has something to do with it. On an annual basis, an average of approximately 190 single family homes in Winchester have sold each year, which is pretty light compared to Needham or Lexington Which average 300 or more homes sold annually. The trend in Boston real estate continues to be if you want to find a larger selection of homes for reasonable prices, you have to go 45 minutes or more outside of Boston. Otherwise, you have to lower your expectations, or increase your price range, which many buyers are not able to do with incomes not rising. My suggestion, role up your sleeves, and buy a home in Winchester that needs some TLC. Not only will you be able to customize the finish, but you will add future value to the resale.