Today I wanted to update you on some of the current and future projects in South Boston's West side. The area has seen a tremendous amount of development in the last several years as many vacant lots and old warehouses have been developed.

361 West Broadway (Pictured Above - Dewberry Dogs on 1st Floor) The landlord/owner of this property has added 4 stories to this property which will house 10 new apartments. There are currently 2 units listed on MLS for $2,200-$2,300. According to MLS, the apartments will be available for occupancy April 1st, 2011. The finishes look decent, but they are certainly not luxury condos.

348 West 2nd Street (Across from Trolley House between E & F Street) This lot previously had an old warehouse which was torn down a few months ago. It now sits vacant and I believe the developer will begin construction in April 2011 when the weather warms up. The lot and approved plans for a 9 unit luxury condo building with garage parking were purchased in December 2010 for $1.3 Million. The building will be 4 stories including a 1st floor garage.

374 West Broadway (Between E & F Street next to Gentle Dentle) This lot including approved plans and permits to build 9 condos and 1 commercial space were purchased in January 2011 for $1.2 Million, according to MLS. The developer has already begun construction and it looks like a foundation is either going in this week, or will be in soon.

240 West Broadway - Foodie's Market Unfortunately the Foodie's Market opening has been delayed. I hear the lack of parking is still an issue with neighborhood residents. South Boston desperately needs this grocery store, but it looks like residents will continue to wait. The original opening was planned for summer 2010. That was pushed back to Fall 2011. As of today, no construction or demolition has taken place, and I'm assuming the Foodie's owner is still going through the process with the city.