Neatly Nested Design & Decor officially opened its doors to the public today. Our office is located directly across the street, so we've witnessed the gorgeous transformation of the retail space. Danielle is the owner, and I give her credit as she came into the area, spent quite a bit of money renovating the facade and interior space, and she now has a beautiful storefront.

We need more entrepreneurs and business owners to step up to the plate in South Boston and spruce up their retail space. Too many businesses come in and just hang a sign without improving the facade or interior. Ultimately I don't think those businesses will be successful in the "new South Boston". I like to say we need the "South End'inization" to happen in South Boston. Congrats to Danielle and everyone that helped her renovate and launch her new venture.

Neatly Nested is located at 373 West Broadway in South Boston, at the corner of West Broadway and E Street.