It's been a slow week in real estate, so I decided to write a post about the stock market and a few companies I like. It doesn't hurt that the market experienced a significant rally today, and all the major indexes are sitting at their highest levels of the year. Anyways, here are my picks.....Chipotle, Apple, Coach, and Whole Foods. Now obviously this is not a very diversified portfolio. However, these businesses are all consumer driven, and with the improving economy, I think they are positioned extremely well to succeed. Not only do I believe the companies stocks will perform well, but I expect their profits to beat analysts expectations. I don't currently own any of these stocks, but I do follow their performance. All 4 stocks are up substantially year to date.

My guess is a high percentage of my readers have purchased at least one item from these companies. I know I've bought significantly more than one item from each of the above companies. I've heard many advisors say to buy what you know. Well, if you have dined at Chipotle, shopped for groceries at Whole Foods, bought a handbag at Coach, or you own an iPod or an iPhone from Apple, then you would be buying what you know by purchasing one of these stocks.

Now before I get carried away with charts, technical data, P/E ratios, etc, please remember, this is a blog, and if you are looking for real financial advise, you should contact a licensed professional. I didn't want to make this an extremely long blog post, so I just mentioned a few things about these companies. I truly admire all four of them and would invest my own money in their stocks. They all have very sound businesses and are run by extremely successful executives. I always say it starts at the top, and these companies are no exception. So if you're bored and looking for a company or stock to follow, take a peak at these. I'm not going to add any disclaimer, but please be sure to do your own due diligence. I did major in business at Boston University, but ultimately I am just a real estate broker.