Pricing Your Boston Home

When it comes time to put your Boston real estate on the market, determining the right asking price is one of the most important decisions that you and your Realtor® will make. If you’re curious about the pricing process or are thinking, “How do I price my Boston Home?” - you’ve come to the right place. With the help of our experienced and knowledgeable Boston and South End Realtors®, you should have no problem setting the right price for your home to attract the widest range of qualified potential buyers to your home. When determining the appropriate asking price for your Boston home - whether Beacon Hill real estate or any of the surrounding neighborhoods - real estate professionals take several things into consideration. Some of the items taken into consideration include:

Comparable listings and sales that have happened within the last six months in your particular neighborhood.

Any pending sales of similar homes in your neighborhood or within a certain radius of your property.

Square foot cost comparisons - taking the average sales price per square foot and comparing that to the square footage and price of your own home.

The overall condition of the market in your neighborhood and the anticipated seasonal trends.

The condition and age of your home, any upgrades or special features it may have, and the overall demand for properties similar to yours.

The investigation of these bullet points will help you and your Realtor® answer the question: “How Do I Price my Boston Home.” As a seller, it is also very important that you look at the sale of your home as objectively as possible and try to keep your emotions and feelings for your home out of the equation. Too often families get tied up in the emotions of the home, the memories that were made there, and miss opportunities to negotiate great deals. Equally as important is to remember that pricing your home too high can have a negative impact on the marketability of your property. By setting the price too high and promising to “reduce it later if there is no interest,” your home will likely become stigmatized. Buyers may think that this inactivity is due to some type of defect with your home, when that may not be the case. Therefore, in order to get your home sold in the quickest possible time period, it is important to give serious consideration to the price suggested by your Realtor®. If you’re still wondering, “How Do I Price My Boston Home?” and would like some more information on the Boston real estate market or the homes that have recently sold in your particular neighborhood, our team at Terrier Residential encourages you to contact us today. We are always just a phone call or website inquiry away and look forward to sharing our knowledge and expertise with you. Backed by years of experience in the Boston market, our team understands the intricacies of pricing a home right from the beginning and will work with you to ensure you find the asking price that will draw attention to your home without leaving money on the table. When you’re ready to learn more, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you and to helping you with all your real estate needs - big and small. Connect today!

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