Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, a seasoned investor or are thinking about selling your Boston home, buying or selling a home can be a complex process. Our team at Terrier Residential has compiled this list of buying and selling tips to serve as a resource when buying and selling in Boston real estate. While there is nothing that can replace the experience and expertise provided by a knowledgeable Realtor, we hope this will serve as a stepping-stone to greater things!

#1: Choosing a Neighborhood in Boston (Buyers) Boston is an exceptionally diverse city. In fact, some of the communities and neighborhoods are often mistaken for separate cities and towns, each one with its own character and ambiance. Choosing a neighborhood or community in Boston is perhaps the most integral part of the property search. First, you must decide what is important to you. Is it quality schools? Access to downtown? Resale value? Proximity to the local dog park? No matter what your desires, you’re sure to find it here in Boston, but it is imperative that you start your search knowing what makes you tick.

#2: Preparing Your Home For Sale (Sellers) For sellers, the most integral part of the real estate transaction is preparing your home for the sale. We’ve all said it a thousand times: First impressions mean the most. You should take the time to inspect your home, inside and out, as though you were the potential buyer. Is your walkway clear of debris? Is your mailbox falling over in the street? When is the last time you mowed the yard? Does your kitchen need some basic updates? How about your closets? Cluttered? Take some time at the beginning to make your home warm and inviting to buyers. You’ll thank us later!

#3: Be Financially Ready to Buy and Sell (Buyers and Sellers) If you’re looking to sell your home, have a discussion with your mortgage lender and Realtor® to understand your financial situation completely. This is especially important when your home is underwater or if a short sale or foreclosure could be looming. For buyers, always seek a pre-approval from your mortgage lender to determine the amount of money you can finance. Nothing is worse than falling in love with a home you simply can’t afford. Additionally, presenting offers with an attached pre-approval letter strengthens your offer’s chance of being accepted.

#4: Are You Emotionally Ready? (Sellers) This may sound crazy, but we all get emotionally attached to our homes. Perhaps it was the first home you purchased. Maybe it is where your kids grew up. Or, maybe the property has been in your family for decades. Coming to terms with your reasons for selling can give you the clear conscience you need to make rational and sound decisions regarding your real estate dealings. It will also allow you to be happy with the end results.

#5: Always Ask For an Inspection and Title Work (Buyers) Once you’ve found a home and had your offer accepted, don’t get so excited that you forget the basics. Always ask for a home inspection to ensure you’re purchasing exactly what you think you are, and be sure to ask for a third-party title search to ensure you will officially retain the title to the property. The title search is usually performed by a title company or closing attorney, while the inspection can be performed by the third-party vendor of your choice.

#6 Hire a Professional (Buyers and Sellers) This really should have been #1 on the list. When it comes time to buy or sell in Boston, always hire a professional Realtor® to assist you. Not only do they have the experience and knowledge needed in this ever-changing real estate market, they have the resources, connections and tools needed to help you buy and sell with ease. They know the neighborhoods. They know the best deals. They can negotiate on your behalf. They will always promote and protect your best interests.

Whether you’re looking for Back Bay condos, South Boston townhomes, Dover or Brookline homes, let our team at Terrier Residential be your guide to buying and selling in Boston. These are just a few of the tips we have up our sleeve and we look forward to sharing the rest with you. Connect with us today to get started!