I don't really know what the hell this post is all about, but I watch American Idol (yeah, I'm a loser), and I work in real estate. The only real story I found that could tie the two together was former American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino barely escaping foreclosure in January 2009. Interesting? Something tells me her parents were not financial planners. I don't know how much money she's made, but I think it's more than I've made. She purchased the home in N.C. for $1.3 Million and the auction was scheduled for January 12, 2009. Luckily she was able to negotiate a deal with her lender and did not lose the home.

Now back to the important stuff. Pretty disappointing performances last night, although I liked Danny Gokey who sang last. I'll be sure to tune in tonight for the results and I'll try to dig up some dirt on previous Idol contestants and their homes.