So, you’ve made the decision to move to Boston.

First off congratulations. Whatever your reason for moving is, Boston is a fantastic place to make a home. A thriving economy, eclectic arts scene, unbelievable cuisine and a fascinating history are just a few of the reasons Boston in a great choice among major American cities along the Atlantic coast.

The hardest decision has been made, now let us help you ensure a smooth move. Here’s a relocation checklist for moving to Boston.

Before You Move

Which Boston Neighborhood is the Right One For You

The large area known as Greater Boston is a size-able geographic region that is home to millions and made up of dozens of smaller communities: small cities, villages and neighborhoods. Each one of those communities has unique and endearing characteristics of their own.

Among your first decisions should be: Which area is right for you? You should weigh the pros and cons of each one based on the desired lifestyle of you and your family.

Our Boston community pages are a great place to start. They contain invaluable information about the available amenities, types of properties available, not to mention the available real estate.

Get Your Pre-Approval

Nothing slows down the purchase process of a new home like awaiting the authorization of funds.

Do yourself a favor and visit a mortgage professional before you even contact a real estate agent, or search for a home online. Not only does it signal to the seller that you are serious, it will also tell you exactly what type of home you can afford, allowing you to work out your monthly budget.

This will help narrow your search significantly and keep your expectations realistic as you start your search.

Connect with a Local Boston Real Estate Agent

We can’t understate the value of hiring a real, local Boston real estate professional to you help you out.

Few professionals with be able to offer the same level of invaluable local insight as a local REALTOR®. The list is extensive, but an agent will be able to offer a ton of information about local market trends, the best schools, local amenities and so much more. They also be able to offer invaluable insight and advice on each property you view.

And that’s just the initial property search. Once you’ve found a home, a real estate agent will really show their value in guiding you through the sea of paperwork, negotiations and other back and forth discussions required to complete the transaction.

Get in touch with the Terrier Real Estate Team today!

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Also, once you've registered for an FREE account, you'll be able to save searches, favorite properties that interest you & set up automatic e-mail alerts direct to your inbox.

As Moving Day Approaches

Cancel, Delete & Update

In the months and weeks leading up to moving day, it’s important to give all your utility and other service providers plenty of notice that you’re moving.

Depending on the service, you’ll either want to book or cancel services, and then set up services at your new address. Same goes for any subscriptions you have set up to come to your home.

If it’s utilities were talking about. Make sure to give plenty of notice, so that any installs or service calls can be completed on, or shortly after moving day. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy Cable TV and Internet services soon after. This will make the disagreeable task of unpacking all those boxes much more palatable.

Prepare for the Move Itself

While it may be impossible to plan for every single contingency, you can do your best to keep things from derailing completely.

Give yourself plenty of time to arrange for movers, book moving trucks or bribe friends with offers of beer and pizza. You don’t want to be left scrambling for help at the last minute.

It can also be helpful to create a worst-case-scenario budget. After all, the larger the distance of your move, the more chance of something going wrong. Plan to have enough funds on hands to pay for nights in a hotel, potential break downs as well as meals on the road.

It’s good to stay positive, but plan for the worst. You’ll thank us later.

After the Move

Look Out for Deals

Now that you’ve moved into your new home, there will almost certainly be a need for new furniture or appliances, or perhaps both.

Depending on how successful you were in purging your belongings before the move, you may find yourself in need of more stuff. Moving is expensive, so you may also find yourself tapped out a bit financially.

Be on the lookout for deals from local retailers as well as online marketplaces like those found on Facebook. Not only are they great resources to finding a great deal on new or gently loved items, they also offer a great opportunity for you to get to know your new home just a bit better.

Just Experience Your New Surroundings

With so much planning and coordination underway while facilitating a move, it can be incredible easy to forget to just take a moment to be.

This is an exciting time in your life - take a moment now and again to just sit and take it all in.

Once you’ve arrived at your new home and the moving truck is unpacked, don’t jump immediately into unpacking every single one of those boxes. There will be plenty of time for that later.

Take some time to explore your new neighborhood on foot, relax on your new patio or grab some take out from a new local restaurant. This is your home now, start experiencing it.

If you're interested in learning more about moving to Boston, contact the Terrier Real Estate Team online or call 617-212-1900 today!

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