It's finally happening; that perfect Boston condo is becoming your new home. Now the fun really begins as you pack away your old life in preparation for the new.

But, before diving nose-first into those packing boxes, take some time to plan how you will pack -- and move -- to make the process much easier.

Pack necessities separately: Before packing anything else, pack a suitcase with anything you'll need for the week before and after your move. This will keep you from having to rummage through packed boxes or tear through the ones you're not ready to address yet.

Pack by room and color code labels: It'll be a lot easier to keep everything organized if you tackle your packing strategically. Using color-coded markers and keeping a master list of all items that have been packed, for example, will help you know where to drop boxes off and where to find the things you need when it's time to unpack them.

Plan the location of large furniture: In an effort to streamline to moving process, be sure to plan where the heavy stuff will go before turning the lock on your new place. An easy way to do with is with a floor plan and paper "furniture" that you can rearrange until you get the layout right.

Don't be afraid to purge: As you're packing your things, be honest with yourself about the things you need and get rid of the rest. That box of receipts from 2005, for example, doesn't need to see another move, nor does that old lava lamp that's been collecting dust in the corner.

Hire movers: Though your friends may agree to donating their Saturday to help you move, they would probably rather not. If you've got enough for pizza and beer for your buddies, then why not chip in a little extra to hire a professional to do the grunt work for you. Besides, wouldn't you rather they be well-rested for your housewarming party?

Moving to a new place can be both exciting and stressful, but it doesn't have to be hard. To learn more about relocating to the Boston area, or to see some of our most recent listings, contact us.

Your perfect home is waiting for you and we want to help you find it.

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