May 2015

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Weston Real Estate Inventory SkyrocketsJust 2 months ago I posted a story on how 98% of Weston Homes for Sale are over $1million.  In just a short 2 months, it's amazing how fast Weston real estate inventory has changed.  As of March 17th, 2015, there were 60 homes for sale in Weston, and only 1 of those homes was priced under one million.  As of May 19th, 2015, there are 105 homes for sale in Weston, and 8 of those homes are priced under one million.  Overall inventory is up 75%, and clearly the number of options under one million has increased substantially.  

The majority of this is seasonal, as the spring time is when we see the largest increase inventory.  The drastic increase is also due to the tough winter we had, which delayed people putting their homes on the market by at least a

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