March 2015

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Homes in Weston over $1MillionIn many communities, inventory is still down, and prices continue to rise.  One perfect example of this is in one of Boston's most expensive neighborhoods.  Not only is inventory down 10%, but 98% of Weston Homes for Sale are priced over $1Million.  Granted Weston is one of Boston's most luxurious suburbs, so it's expected that prices would be higher than many other neighborhoods, but there is only 1 house in Weston under a million out of 60 houses currently on the market.  Is this healthy for the Weston housing market, or is it just making it more difficult for new families to move to one of Boston's most desirable suburbs?  If you're a seller, it's great thing, but if you are looking to buy in Weston, get ready to pay over a million, and even at that

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Twenty Two LibertyFor years, the area was mostly an industrial area, and there really weren't many Condos in the Seaport District. This changed after the Big Dig built the I-93 and I-90 interchange and installed the Silverline. Now, with an easy commute to the suburbs and the airport, professionals and numerous businesses have started moving into the Seaport District in droves. If you would like a condo near the ocean with gorgeous views, fantastic restaurants to eat at, then the Seaport District may be right for you.

With prices approaching $1,500-$3,000/sq. ft., there are certainly not many affordable options in the area. The Boston luxury condo market is not far behind New York City, and the Seaport District is probably the hottest neighborhood in Boston. This is one

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