September 2014

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Boston Realtors report Buyers Caught in the MiddleThe Massachusetts Association of Realtors announced that in August 2014, for the seventh straight month in a row, sales dropped and prices rose—leaving buyers caught in the middle. Sales are down in large part because the inventory just isn’t there, while that good ol’ law of supply and demand means that sellers are keeping prices high because they know they have a scarce commodity on their hands.

While the Massachusetts Association of Realtors stats measure statewide activity, if you’re a buyer in Boston, you know that the situation is even worse in Beantown itself. Boston Realtors are keenly aware that times are tough for buyers. To help you understand, here’s an explanation about some real estate lingo.

We have something in the industry called an

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5 Questions to Ask Your Boston Real Estate AgentIf you are thinking about buying a home, you should take some time to learn some of the basics before making any decisions.  Studying the market and knowing what questions to ask could mean the difference between buying the home of your dreams or ending up in a place you hate.

Your Boston Real Estate Agent will be your best resource when it comes to finding honest answers to the most important questions.  The agent you choose should have the knowledge and experience to help you weed through potential problem homes and find one that truly meets your needs.

5 Questions to Ask before Buying

1.  What contents are included with the sale of the home?

Anything that is attached to the home should stay with the home.  However, oftentimes a seller has a

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Boston Condos - 3 Things to AskIf you're shopping for Boston condos, then you already know how they open up a world of affordability, convenience, and worry-free living. But to get the best value for your money, you need to ask a few important questions, especially if you've never owned in a condo association before. Finding the answers to these ahead of time can help you make a more informed decision.

1. What are the condo fees and what do they cover? The monthly Homeowner's Association payment or more commonly known as a Condo Fee, takes care of the maintenance and insurance outside your unit and in common-area amenities, such as the courtyard, pool or hallways. Find out exactly what the condo fee pays for, so you know whether you pay separate charges for such services as snow

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South End Real EstateLabor Day has passed, the white pants are relegated to the back of the closet, and Boston has once again survived the student move-in madness.  If you’ve been trying to find South End real estate to purchase, chances are you’ve been forced to compete with a number of other buyers for a relatively scarce inventory.  With summer over, what does this mean for your South End real estate search?

Certainly the level of activity has dropped; from April through mid-June, the number of condos going under agreement danced on either side of 70 each month.  Now it’s dropped down to just above 40.  There are both advantages and disadvantages here.  While spring and summer are certainly the peak months for moves around Boston—as well as for most of the rest of the

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