September 2011

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After taking a client out to view several luxury condos in Boston this week, I decided to write a post comparing the sale prices in some of the major luxury condo buildings in Boston.  The data was compiled from LINK and the sales are from January 1, 2011 thru September 1, 2011.  Not surprisingly, the cream of the crop is the Mandarin Oriental as it's the most expensive luxury condo building in Boston.  Many of the wealthiest Bostonians call this address home. The entire list of luxury buildings in Boston is much more extensive than this, but I wanted to spotlight some of the well known properties in several neighborhoods.

Building Sales Avg. $/Sq. Ft. Avg. Price  
Macallen (South Boston) 8 $511 $639,875  
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Foodies South Boston

Many of my friends, clients and condo owners in South Boston often ask me what's going on with Foodies.  The grocery store was supposed to open in the Fall of 2011 at the corner of West Broadway and C Street.  As many of you know, Foodies is no where near opening this Fall, but finally, I have an update!

One of my agents, Brian Hooper, gave me the heads up that they started some demolition at the property, so I stopped by the site this week.  As you can see from the picture, there are contractors on site.  I spoke to the construction manager and he said the goal is to open Spring 2012!  It looks like they won't be demolishing the existing structure, but will be renovating it.  Hopefully South Boston will have a nice neighborhood market in 2012!

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